The purpose of the National Student Enrollment Registry (NSER) Project is the establishment of an integrated, unique IT system at national level for the higher education (HE) participants. In addition to a better HE data management, the future database will provide real information about human capital development by means of higher education system.



Work package  1 -  analysis reports

Work package 1 - analysis reports

Three analysis reports were elaborated, as a result of the first work package activities...

 Work package 2 – award documentation

Work package 2 – award documentation

The public procurement award documentation was finalised in July, concerning the development of an integrated IT system...



NSER Conference

NSER Conference

The conference “Current stage of students recording system in Romania. Phases of development and implementation of the National Student Enrollment Registry” took place on Friday, 12 June 2009, in Aula Magna room (Economic Studies Academy of Bucharest).


About the project

 Project purpose

The main purpose of a national integrated system for higher education students is to provide objective and reliable information and results, in real time, to both institutional decision making factors and various natural or legal persons...


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General objective
  • The general objective of the project is the improvement of HE administrative management and strengthening of the university role in relation with the demands of civil society and labor market, by developing an integrated student management database, for substantiation of policies and public strategies in this field.