Project presentation

Project purpose

The main purpose of a national integrated HE system is to provide objective and reliable information and results, in real time, to both institutional decision making factors and various natural or legal persons, depending on their access level. The project is aiming at meeting the following current needs:
- the need for a unified national system that would integrate HE students information and would ensure visibility of this information down to the raw data, in order to allow the elaboration and implementation of educational policies, and improvement of substantiation and implementation of HE educational strategies;
- facilitation of management and real time reporting of HE institution data, and ensurance of its transparency, in relation with utilization of the public funds;
- increase of HE competitiveness by providing a real image of human capital development through education.

General objective

The general objective of the project is to improve the administrative management in Romanian Higher Education System and to strengthen the universities' role in relation with the demands of civil society and labour market, and also to provide the necessary support for the policies and strategies in the public domain.
The integrated database developed for managing information on students will be web-oriented, with access through the secure electronic signature, which will ensure traceability, interconnectivity, interoperability and functions of monitoring and reporting, without the need of a dedicated communications infrastructure of the participating universities.

Specific objectives

  • Identify the current situation of the Romanian Higher Education System in order to establish the optimal strategy for developing and implementing an integrated IT system at the national level

  • Design the information system

  • Develop the integrated information system

  • Extend the basic functions and the access to the registry towards the benefit of other private and public institutions

  • Formation and training of system’s users
  • Maintenance and improvement of the IT system

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May 2019

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